The Krasa Project

Since 1988, Rosemary (Ternes) Mack of Canada and Ted J. Becker of the USA have spearheaded the Krasna Project.

Its purpose it to gather and preserve the history and genealogical data of the Germans who lived in Krasna, Bessarabia, Russia/Romania and its daughter colonies Emmental, Bessarabia, Russia, and Karamurat, Dobrudscha, Romania (and the Roman Catholic Germans who lived in a number of other villages in Dobrudscha, namely, Colelia, Gross Pallas, Gross Mangeapunar, Malcoci, and Klein Mandshapunar). 

The Krasna Project consists of the

Krasna Library
Krasna Photo Collection
Krasna Newsletter
Krasna Master Census, 1814-1940

The Krasna Library contains over 250 books, booklets, periodicals family history books and the like, which contain data and information pertaining to these villages. An inventory of the "Krasna Library" can be found at The Krasna Library. 

Copies of primary documents, copies of death certificates, copies of obituaries, copies of church books associated with Krasna and settlement areas in North Dakota, USA, and Saskatchewan, Canada, copies of EWZ and Fragbogen (questionnaires), copies of newspaper articles and letters to the editor, family group questionnaires, etc., constitute the Krasna Library. 

The Krasna Photo Collection consists of 4,500+ paper photographs of these villages and people who have their genealogical roots in them. See photos from the Collection at Photo Collection

An alphabetical index of the Collection is available on computer floppy disc (3.t inch), in the Microsoft Excel program, for a nominal cost. 

The Krasna Newsletter is sent occasionally to people who request to be placed on the Krasna Mailing List. 

It continually gives updates to research work being done by fellow Researchers. 

It is available free. 

The Krasna Master Census, 1814-1940, is a database of the former residents of these villages. 

It contains basic genealogical data and information, as well as sources from which they have been extracted, of these people within the parameters of 1814 1940. 

People in this database are grouped into family groups. 

The Personal Ancestral File (PAF 4.0.18) program is used. 

Printouts of family groups and relevant information and data about them are available for a fee. 

These printouts are available in both paper copy and/or on computer floppy disc (3.5 inch). 

See latest newsletter at  "Newsletter" Winter 2009 - Spring 2010. - pdf version-printable
See previous newsletters at   "Previous Newsletters".
Krasna Census